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Welcome to the website of the British Academy of Laser Gynaecology (BALG). 


This website is currently under redevelopment, to better reflect recent advances in laser gynaecology and the range of techiques and equipmnent now available in the sub-speciality.

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New and innovative laser gynaecology treatments are offering a revolutionary new way of treating a range of gynaecological problems. The increasing use of lasers in Gynaecology will see a reduction in common surgical techniques in favour of these minimally-invasive, walk in - walk out, procedures.

The use of laser offers a quicker, easy and very effective treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI), Vaginal Laxity, Vaginal Atrophy  and even Prolapse.

These simple minimally-invasive laser procedures are now being performed worldwide with new and exciting data set to be released to prove the effectiveness of such treatments.

With the accelerating international development of these and other minimally-invasive laser treatments, there is a need to bring Clinicians and other users together for maximum patient benefit.

The British Academy of Laser Gynaecology has been established to educate the public and Professionals in the use of minimally-invasive laser gynaecology techniques, monitor the use of Laser system with in Gynaecology, collate examination results & publish studies, and provide a conduit for Gynaecologists and others working in the field to discuss techniques and offer peer review.