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The British Academy of Laser Gynaecology serves as a platform for ongoing education, with a focus on practical instruction and the demonstration of minimally-invasive laser gynaecology techniques and procedures, delivered through a variety of workshops and seminars by experienced lecturers.  

International Workshops in Laser Gynaecology.

  • Led by leading international laser experts
  • Live demos and hands-on
  • Explore all areas of laser gynaecology
  • Great experience-sharing opportunity

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The Laser and Health Academy is the coordinator of the EU regional Competency Centre for Biomedical Engineering, supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

The consortium's partners include key institutions of higher education, industrial representatives, and experts in the field of biomedial engineering and medicine that wish to expand upon their existing avenues of cooperation to achieve new levels of synergy.

The program of the competency centre is focussed on the research and development of products and applications that reduce the invasiveness of medical treatments and increase the reliability and accuracy of diagnostic procedures.


Next International Training Event:

Laser Treatments for Urinary Incontinence & Vaginal Rejuvenation

19th Novemer - 20 November 2015            Ljubljana,Slovenia

This workshop covers the use of Fotona’s laser systems in non-surgical gynaecology.

The workshop will begin with participants learning the basic principles of using lasers in a variety of non-surgical procedures. The practical and clinical advantages of lasers and laser-assisted treatments, and the effects of treatment parameter settings and variations thereof, will be explained in great detail and discussed by experienced laser practitioners based on real case materials. A selection of treatment procedures will be demonstrated on patients and volunteers.

The second part of the workshop will focus on the use of Fotona’s laser systems in non-surgical gynaecology, with treatments for urinary incontinence (IncontiLase™) and Vaginal Rejuvenation (IntimaLase™) explained in detail through demonstrations led by experts in the field.

It is the aim that participants gain a full understanding of the complete procedures and receive the most current best-practice guidelines.

The Laser andHeathAcademyworkshops are an ideal opportunity for medical practitioners from all over the world to interact and share experiences, ideas, and expertise in a relaxed atmosphere.


For registration and booking information, contact one of the Fotona UK Distributors; Beehive Solutions Ltd 


Future International Training Event:

Uable to make the session? - Curtesy of the  Laser and Health Academy, the BALG has regular training opportunities available.

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